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There’s No ‘N’ in ‘Restaurateur’

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As much as I enjoy watching Food Network, every show I watch uses the word “restaurateur” (on screen) to describe someone who owns a restaurant, but they pronounce it “restauranteur.”

However, there is no “n” in “restaurateur,” which is a French word pronounced without an “n,” as in “reh·str·uh·tur.” If they’re going to butcher the French pronunciation, the least they could do is add an “n” on screen and make it an American aberration. 

PS Back online after a long hiatus waiting for Godot.

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‘Out of an Abundance of’…Idiocy

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I’d never vote for the guy, but I must say that “Bernie Sanders is right!” (to copy a much-used and -abused construction from “Blazing Saddles”).

Every nation should copy Sweden, not because it’s what The Bern thinks is the perfect socialist society (which it’s not, being instead a highly capitalistic but highly taxed nation). It’s because Sweden was the only nation that got the pandemic response correct: Do as little as possible except take those in most danger out of harm’s way. Sweden now has herd immunity, which is far superior to any vaccine, which at best will be 50 percent effective and which 40 percent of Americans say they’ll never take.

Recent studies (see today’s Wall Street Journal) affirm that, in the U.S., those states and communities that locked down the hardest ended up killing off the most people by percentage of population, while those that did the least lost the least. Hmmmmm….

Which brings up my headline about “an abundance of,” which throughout the pandemic was used by politicians with “caution,” to signify, “We’re going to save your life by locking you up at home.”

(Now critics will point out that Sweden had more deaths than its neighboring countries, such as Norway, which locked down, but remember, Sweden has perfected Bernie’s “Medicare for All” approach by rationining health care: If you’re too old and too expensive to keep alive: “Here’s some morphine. See ya later.”)

The next time someone says they’re doing something for you out of “an abundance of” whatever, run as quickly as you can and do just the opposite of what they’re proposing.

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