New Feature Added

English Resources is a new feature that you can access through the navigation bar on the left.  There you’ll find articles on [tag]English writing, grammar, essay composition[/tag] and the like as I write, find and accumulate them.  Enjoy and check back frequently.

Language, Civility and Upbringing

I was standing in a fast food restaurant at lunch the other day waiting for my to-go order when in walked two teenage girls with their iPods.  As soon as they got to where I was standing, one of them turned to me and said quite boldly, “Can I borrow a dollar?”

I laughed and enquired when and how she planned to pay me back, which I meant seriously since “borrow” means that the money should be returned someday.  She shrugged, and I forked over a dollar but had second thoughts immediately.  There was, after all, no “please” and no “thanks.”

Now, what lessons can one draw from this?

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Live Chat Option Added

It might be hard to see, but in my right-hand sidebar I’ve added a [tag]live chat[/tag] function.  So if you get here and want to find if anyone else is available, just open it up and see what happens.

Topics, which I can’t regulate obviously, should concern English in some way, and the tone should always be civil and profanity-free.  Enjoy!

Third Iteration in One Week

Just to update you.  I’m now on my third template in one week due to various difficulties. The first template wasn’t Mac compatible, and the second one was subject to security risks.  Someone kept getting in and changing things, so here I am with this new theme.  Let’s hope I can stay with it for awhile.  It seems fairly stable and user friendly.

The Last Laugh

I have to admit I didn’t read or pay much attention to Art Buchwald when he was alive and writing his humor column, primarily because I don’t find politics to be a humorous proposition.  Politicians need poking at, yes, but politics has deadly consequences.

That being said, Mr. Buchwald did manage to go out with class, dignity–and humor.  Refusing dialysis, he faced certain death but hung in there for almost a year until his kidneys failed him at 81. 

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A New Look

I decided to jettison my nearly decade-old design for Grammar Sucks in favor of a more functional, modern design.  This wasn’t done as much as a design makeover as a practical necessity.  As I tested out my old site on Macintosh computers and other browsers, I noticed weird bugs.  Thus, this new look.  Please let me know what you think.

Apostrophes Gone Wild

If you want to set up your own blog, I certainly recommend using WordPress as the content management system on your own hosted domain.  However, there is a glitch in WordPress that I’m hoping I’ve detected the source of (never end a sentence with a preposition, right?).  To wit, because of something in PHP (the sourcing code) called Magic Quotes, apostrophes appear with slashes after them, such as “Dave\s,” or something like that, so this post is purely a test to see if turning off Magic Quotes cures this problem.  (Believe me, I spent a couple of hours doing Web searches trying to figure this out, so I’m praying for results here.)

Let’s try:  Dave’s, Judy’s, Mack’s.  How about single quotes:  “He said he was ‘completely unprepared’.”

We’ll all know in a minute, or maybe not because it may just be certain browsers where this occurs, in which case I’ll have to wait to hear from my reader in Taipei.