American Idol Follow-up: Burger Stand

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Just by writing about American Idol yesterday, my visitors jumped several fold, so I figured the name must have some magic.  Therefore, over at my food blog I decided it was time to introduce the American Idol Burger.

I came up with the following taglines or unique selling points (USP):

“No talent?  Our burger will give you 15 minutes of fame.”  Nah, not so good.

How about?  “Our burger is so good, it’ll raise your ire and indignation.”

Closer, but now:  “It leaves you insulted and ready to throw up.”

If none of these works, I can always introduce the Simon Cowell Burger with the tagline:  “You wouldn’t feed this to your worst enemy.”

Tomorrow, the Paula Abdul Mediator Boba:  “Swallow this with your pride.”

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