Wit and Wisdom of Colin Cowherd

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I don’t want to give the impression that I’m adamantly against any English slang, vernacular or witticisms.  I’m mostly against the abuse of colloquialisms such as awesome, which is now so hackneyed as to be pukifying (causing one to puke, a word I just made up).

Sports jock radio host [tag]Colin Cowherd[/tag] actually had a couple of good ones today.

Which were….

Sycofan, a take-off on sycophant (kisser-upper type), which could also be mispronounced sick-o-fan to mean virtually the same thing.

“Good from far but far from good”–this was in reference to Lakers forward [tag]Lamar Odom[/tag], who looks good but can’t bring the goods on the court.  Cowherd also used it to describe the phenomenon of women who look good from 30 feet but upon closer inspection begin to resemble bulldogs or something else.  Anyway, you get the sexist idea behind this.

Since those two are fresh usages, I’ll ride them for a day or two.  When I hear every Tom, Dick and Harry uttering them, I’ll find it pukifying.

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