When Is Silence Golden?

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This may be a bit off track for my audience, especially for those outside the United States, but I have simple advice for Yankees baseballer [tag]Jason Giambi[/tag]: "Shut up!"

I appreciate what Giambi has said publicly so far–especially the part that everyone in baseball should apologize for the sham of the steroid era when unbreakable records were routinely broken–but now that he’s being confronted with an ultimatum by [tag]MLB COmmissioner Bud Selig[/tag] to ‘fess up to investigator [tag]George Mitchell[/tag] or face a suspension, the time to zip the lips is here.

Selig is out of his mind. Giambi has already spoken. Baseball (Selig) doesn’t need to make a sacrificial lamb out of him. Selig is the very one who stood by actionless with full knowledge of the steroid abuse by players who were then shattering records and did nothing, absolutely nothing, but revel in the increased crowds and TV rankings.

Silence will be golden for Jason Giambi. Departure would be noble for Selig.

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  1. Guess we’ll find out soon enough. There appears to be a “deal” for Giambi to speak to George Mitchell.

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