I got a kick out of reading the Los Angeles Times this morning and its "in-the-tank" piece about Obamulus, the stimulus plan that was just passed without any details being released except by Republicans. There in the first couple of paragraphs, the Times article sang the praises of the so-called stimulus bill, even using the word fatten to describe what would happen to people’s paychecks because of the tax cuts.

First, there are no tax cuts in the legislation. There are tax credits of $400 for each individual and $800 for married couples, along with a bunch of restrictions. Now, a tax credit is not a check anyone will receive in the mail. It’s a deduction against the taxes you owe at the end of the year, and if your’re single, it totals $7.70 a week, and if a couple, it’s about $15 and change. Gee, the economy is really going to go wild with all that extra dough flooding the shopping malls of America.

Second, if this is how Democrats fatten people’s paychecks, why did the same liberal media lambaste Geoge W. Bush for lowering, almost permanently, everyone’s tax liabilities by hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year, calling it a "giveaway to the rich"?

Not hard to answer if you’ve been in journalism as long as I have.

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