Two Artists Leave the Scene

Two of the great artists of the 20th century–filmmaker [tag]Ingmar Bergman[/tag] and football innovator [tag]Bill Walsh[/tag]–both passed away on the same day, Monday, July 30, 2007.

Football is still being played the Bill Walsh way, and films these days never have the emotional depth or meaning that Berman was able to instill in his repertoire.  Moreover, both were gentlemen of class and style.  It’s hard to find–and lose–giants like these.

Another celebrity passed away the same day, TV newscaster and interviewer [tag]Tom Snyder[/tag].  Snyder exhibited a certain joie de vivre (more likely joie de bonne chance), but I hardly put him in the category of the other two. 

However, it is unusual that three such individuals would leave our world on the same day, with only one–Bergman–living to what I would consider a ripe old age.

It’s our collective loss.

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