Tempest in a Teapot Over ‘B’ Word

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In court testimony, New York Knicks General Manager [tag]Isiah Thomas[/tag] answered a question about the use of the word bitch in descriing or addressing a black woman.

Basically, he testified that it was less egregious if a black man used the "B" word on a black woman than if a white man did.

Now, to my way of thinking, this is true in certain usages, as black people often use the "N" word in addressing each other and certainly use the "B" word in rap music.  However, there is a whole brouhaha erupting over his testimony, with many commentators calling for Isiah’s head.

I thik this is definitely going overboard.

Interestingly enough, leaving this controversy aside, a man named [tag]Isaiah Thomas[/tag] was considered one of the greatest publishers of 18th century America and was a contemporary of fellow publisher [tag]Benjamin Franklin[/tag].

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