Rudest Language on Wheels

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A survey is out showing drivers in Miami are the crudest, rudest in the States. 

Now, I’ll have to tip my hat to these Floridian drivers if this survey is accurate.  If any drivers are ruder than those in my hometown of Los Angeles (which did rank in the top five on the survey), they must be bearing machine guns and rocket launchers and spouting insults faster than [tag]Don Imus[/tag].

Here in the Southland, as we call it, not only will you get run off the road by SUVs and trucks, you’ll get cussed out by every little old lady from Pasadena and shot at by every gangbanger.  And that’s just driving two blocks to the local market.

Top that, Miami.

(Okay, so this only marginally deals with English usage, but I thought it was insightful.)

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