PC Police and English Usage

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I have to agree with Charles Barkley, he of basketball fame and of the outspoken mouth, when he told Dan Patrick on his radio show that “the [tag]PC police[/tag] should be taken out back and shot.”

I agree, but who are these PC police?

Well, they’re everywhere, especially in state-funded education from kindergarten to postgraduate.  They won’t let Huckleberry Finn be read in schools because of the “N word,” but they have no objection to rap music lyrics about rape, murder and cop mutiliation.  Go figure.

Anyway, today a tune came to my mind from the very late and very great French songster-performer Maurice Chevalier, whose rendition of “Thank Heaven for Little Girls” was a Lerner and Loewe classic.  I shuddered at what would happen to that song today.

Now, think about it–could this lyric possibly pass PC police muster today, or would Mr. Chevalier join Roman Polanski in exile to somewhere besides the U.S.?

Worse, how long would it take before the porn industry came out with a movie (x-rated, of course, but with adult actors to comply with Code 2257) based on the song title?

My, how the times have changed.

As Mark Twain (he of Huckleberry Finn fame) once quipped, “The times aren’t what they used to be, but then they never were.”

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