Obamatalk: False Choices Abound, Full of Sound and Fury and Signifying Nothing

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I’ve written here before how I have yet to read or hear anything from or by Barack Obama that is anything other than lawyerly obfuscation and manipulation. The liberal media will go on and on blushing about Obama’s greatness and his poetic language, or whatever they deem transcendent about him that day, but let’s face it–the media have spent so long out in the drenching heat of the political desert that once a good socialist comes along, they’ll do anything to keep him in power. Reality be damned, that sort of thing.

At any rate, let’s just focus on Obama’s use of English to reinforce my point. He’s now resorting to calling every solution except the one offered by him as a "false choice." He’s even used "no choice" many times as well. His goal is to choke off debate, to set up straw men who offer "false" or "no" choices, so you’re left with the proverbial "my way or the highway."

I don’t need to go into this much further since Ben Shapiro in his "Obama’s Childish Vision of Politics" bares it all. Read it and realize you’ve been duped by Obama (or not, depending on your own level of illusion v. reality).

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