Notwords Part II

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Here we go again with what I call notwords, those American English expressions, whether single words or phrases, that have no legitimate basis in actual English.  I’ve mentioned mines as a particularly egregious and unlearned (read: stupid) interpretation of mine but with a possessive “s” added for some unknown reason.  I also hinted at “my bad” as a notphrase.  Let’s include that express.  Sorry, Dan Patrick. 

Here’s another category–words or phrases that are legitimate English but have degenerated into meaningless gutterspeak and thus impart no meaning when uttered or written.  “Awesome” is my first nominee and current winner here.  What isn’t awesome?  Also, does “awesome” connote good or bad or both?  What’s its valuation.  I’m afraid the word has entered notword gutterspeak, and many a middle class person has thus stumbled into the gutter by not speaking correct English.

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