NotWords: Now Days


I just graded a pile of papers for a writing class, and I can’t tell you how many students wrote now days when they meant nowadays.

Is this because of faulty hearing, faulty pronunication, or just faulty learning of English words?  I mean, nowadays could sound like now days depending upon how the person pronounces it.

Which came first–the now or the days?  LOL

(TIP:  Don’t use the stupid word anyway.  Today works just fine.)

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  1. The use of “now days” is a huge pet peeve of mine. I tutor writing at a technical college, and I’ve seen “now days” so many times that I almost don’t notice it anymore. I’ll have to agree with you; I hate the word “nowadays” anyway.

  2. I am an American, and nowdays is the standard
    grammar usage in America. Nowadays sound quaint
    and countryish, and to see it written seems unprofessional
    and I feel like correcting it always to nowdays.

    It feels funny that British feel that nowdays is wrong
    and unprofessional. This is another example of how
    the English language is full of variation, and alternative
    standards need to be taught and accepted.


  3. Bryan-

    I am American, and I can’t stand the phrase, be it nowadays or nowdays. It is not the standard, and it is unprofessional.

  4. I am an Australian and I say nowdays, without the a. It is completely normal. Both forms are correct. There are lots of varieties of english, it is an old language and has gone in many directions.

  5. An old English grammar book I have says to use, ‘nowdays’. The viral use of ‘nowadays’ is irksome. It is in every spellchecker, every browser. It is very annoying.

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