Notwords–‘Mines’ Tops the List

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Okay, so we go from the exquisite English of James Joyce to gutter English, but I am now compiling my list of notwords, those usages that have absolutely no grammatical or linguistic basis in real English but are uttered by way too many people.  Notwords, of course, can also include phrases such as “my bad.”  Now, when even Dan Patrick uses “my bad” to appear as one of the masses, you know we’re in trouble–or maybe not given the source.

However, the first nominee and entry into the Notwords Hall of Fame is “mines,” which is some sort of ignominious and ignoramus perversion of “mine.”  “That’s mines” is a typical usage.  Yes, indeed, it is yours, and does it contain coal or ore of some sort?  I hope this is just a California perversion, but it’s definitely pervasive here.

Feel free to submit and comment on your nominees.

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