NotWord Quandary: A, O or I?

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I rushed this site into existence to take over for Grammar Sucks for a few reasons, one of them dealing with server-side issues.  I was switching servers and wanted to retire Grammar Sucks (and use it as a 301 redirect only).

Thus, I slapped this site together and got it up quickly.  When it came to titling it, my official URL was and is GrammarSource, but that doesn’t say much about what the site is all about, even with a subtitle under it.

I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea to create my own word to signify that this site was all about English writing and grammar usage, so I coined the word Englishapedia.

My first impulse was to use Englishipedia, copying Wikipedia, but I thought that would be too obvious a rip-off.  Then I toyed with Englishopedia, morphing the generic word encyclopedia.

Now that I look at what I have wrought, and I hate the "a" version.  The other two seem much more suited.

If anyone would like to influence my choice over the next few days, please just e-mail me.

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