Notword Addition: 24/7

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Okay, the saying “24/7” is not technically a word, but it still qualifies as a [tag]Notword [/tag]since it has become both uniquitous and meaningless.  To wit: During the local morning sports talk radio program, a listener called in and told the host how great he was because he talked about football “24/7.”

Now, what exactly did he mean?  I seriously doubt any living being does anything contiuously 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except breathe and live.  If he meant “solely,” “a lot,” or “mostly,” Mr. Listener should’ve said that, but we’ve become so inured to bad and sloppy English that Notwords can replace and obfuscate clear English usages.

I say for the next 24 hours, try not to use Notwords.  If not, then stay away from sports radio at least.  You may pick up more bad habits.


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