New Word: Manaicizing

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This falls into the category of "out of the mouths of old farts (me)."

Whenever I take my dog for a car ride, he goes absolutely bonkers, eliciting this shrill howl at the sight of every animal, be it bird, cat, dog, squirrel or hunched-over human.  The shrill sound is actually ear-piercing, and while he shreiks it, he claws maniacally at the window.

Today, I had enough and I yelled at him, "Quit manaicizing!" This is pronounced, of course, "muh-nai-ih-cizing" (I’m no good at these pronunciation devices, and actually I’m not sure how even to spell the word correctly–it might need two i’s before the c).

Anyway, I recommend we start a movement for this word.  E-mail five of your friends with this new word before sunset, or you will find yourself going mysteriously maniacal.

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