More Peculiar English Found at My Local Park

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As I was walking my dog through the park this morning, I noticed a sign that said, "Curb and Clean-Up After Your Dog." 

Why is this peculiar?  A couple of reasons.  For one, whoever created the sign used the compound adjective form (clean-up) rather than the verb form of clean up. Of course, the meaning was still clear:  If your dog poops, scoop it up and dispose of it.

The other reaon lies in the use of curb.  What does that mean?  After your dog defecates, assign him to the curb until the poop police arrive?  Or worse, take yourself and your dog to the curb and wait there for the park police to exonerate you?

I have no idea why one would take a dog to a park to curb it.  Can someone please explain that to me?

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