Memory Is Tricky

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Speaking of memory, mines (intentional pun using an infamous notword) is tricky, which I suspect is the lot of most of us.

When I learned of President Gerald Ford’s passing at 93, I was quickly reminded of a quote by Shakespeare and how Ford had defied the meaning of it. The quote I remembered was, “So good, so young, they say, never live so long.” However, the actual quote is:

So wise so young, they say do never live long.

Over the years, I had morphed (sic) the Richard III quote into a bit of a different meaning, and thus felt today that President Ford had escaped the curse of virtue’s being rewarded early–with death!

Our thanks to President Ford for being the quintessence of decency and a man of the hour when the country needed him. His long life certainly represents the goodness that he embodied.

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