‘Makku’: Iraqis Come Up With Perfect Word for Bad Times

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I stumbled upon a report by someone named Deborah Amos, who was returning to visit Baghdad for the first time in four years.

While the details were revealing in that the mainstream media report only the gory details to discredit Bush–and now only successes to burnish Obama–what really struck me was Ms. Amos’s discussion of everyday life in the Iraqi capital. Here:

The word makku unites Sunnis and Shiite alike. It means "there isn’t any." This was the first Iraqi Arabic word I learned back in 2003 and is still uttered in almost every discussion. Makku jobs, makku water, makku electricity. These complaints have only gotten stronger in my four-year absence.

Here in America, we can say, "Makku money, makku jobs, makku future."

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