Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: Welcome to the English Hall of Shame, Roger Clemens

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Pitcher Roger Clemens began testifying before Congress today, and though he was unaware of it in his ongoing denial of reality, his chances of making the Hall of Fame went up in smoke with his lies.

In the process, he also managed to throw every associate and loved one of his under the bus, including his wife, attorney and agent.  He reminded me of Captain Queeg.  Quick, someone pass Roger some little metal balls.

He also managed to make mangled-English history, concocting the word misremembered to characterize his chum Andy Pettitte.  Andy, it seems, "misremembered" (under oath, no less) a conversation he had with Roger about the latter’s admitting he used  steroids.

Okay, Roger, we’ll likewise misremember you for the Hall of Fame.

Welcome, however, to the Grammar Sucks Hame of Shame, Roger, for both mangling English and mangling the truth (might as well throw in "justice and the American way" while I’m at it).

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