It’s Hard to Attack Reality

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I’ve already concluded from the scores and hundreds of college classes I’ve taught that at best only one in 100 college students even has a clue that the word their exists.  Most students just routinely right there whether they need it as an adverb or possessive pronoun. 

With this much widespread ignorance and abuse, I’m sure the gool ol’ obligin’ folk at the Oxford English Dictionary will soon sign off on the use of there as both adverb and possessive pronoun.  Oh, sad day. 

Now, here’s a cute double-whammy I came across this morning in one of my U.S. history classes.

A student did some research on presidents and discovered that only 19 in total ever served at least four years (seems low, though I didn’t challenge it), but her rationale was more revealing:  Since, she wrote, most people don’t become president until they’re really old in their (she wrote there) 60s, they quickly die of hard attacks.

You can’t argue with such logic.

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