Here He Goes Again

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[tag]Vincent Bugliosi[/tag], the Los Angeles District Attorney who tried and convicted [tag]Charles Manson[/tag], has come out with a 1,612-page book, with an additional 954 pages on a CD-ROM, defending the lone-assassin theory on the murder of [tag]John Kennedy[/tag].

I certainly haven’t read the tome, which is called Reclaiming History, nor will I since I have no desire to revisit the old arguments about how Kennedy was killed.  What fascinates me is that anyone would be so motivated to spend years, maybe decades, reading, absoring, supporting and refuting every piece of evidence and every theory on the most famous assassination of the 20th century.

If you recall, Bugliosi also penned Helter Skelter about the Manson cult and subsequent trial.  At least there, he had first-hand knowledge.

Now, if he had any knowledge of the Kennedy assassination, he’d know that it was carried out on the orders of [tag]Fidel Castro[/tag].

Case closed. (LOL)

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