Happy Holiday Musings

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Sorry, but I’ve been caught up in the holiday bustle of shopping and returning presents and not minding the blog so much.

I’ve also been sampling some of the movies mentioned as Oscar favorites.  One proved very literary; the other was more lyrical (and gory).

Atonement is the literary one.  The dialogue and voiceovers (internal thoughts) convey powerful, beautiful English, quite literary in tone.

Sweeney Todd is the lyrical one, literally because it’s a Broadway musical/opera that’s been made into a movie by Tim Burton.  The story is a good one, but the effects are quite gory.  (If you don’t know the plot, just visit a site like MRQE.com and type in “Sweeney Todd.”)

Verdict?  Go to Atonement if you like literary works that fill the screen with both powerful visual images and powerful spoken English.  Go to Sweeney Todd if you’re a fan of either the Stephen Sondheim original or of Tim Burton.  If you go, however, be prepared for more blood than you’ve ever seen in your life.

Both movies are well worth your time.

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