Grammar Quiz: No Guts, No….

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Way back when this blog was a static Web site, a student from the University of Pennsylvania (as memory serves me) wrote me an e-mail with a question that she had to answer for an English final.  That question involved this sentence, “We are going ice skating,” and asked the grammatical function of “ice skating” in that particular construct.

I have my own answer, which I’m not immediately going to share in hopes that we can get a good discussion going here, but at the time I received the question I also e-mailed every so-called grammar expert I could find on the Web.  Some flunked miserably in their replies, as I see it, while a couple seemed to hit the proverbial nail on the head.

So, go ahead, hit “Comment” and share your opinion.  As they say, “No guts, no Green Stamps.”  Now what the heck are Green Stamps?  LOL  I’m old enough to remember them, but probably a lot of people have no clue.

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