Goodbye to Don Imus (and Free Speech?)

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If you’re one of this site’s many visitors from a country other than the United States, you may not even know who [tag]Don Imus[/tag] is.  In fact, I barely know who he is other than that he’s a just-fired talk show host.

I’ve had students who say they listen to Imus all the time, but my total exposure to the man amounted to probably less than 30 seconds.

Why is that?

First, the guy has this deep, whiskey-throated voice and mumbled his words.  I could barely understand him.  Second, his whole schtick seemed to be based on berating other people with foul language.

Not my cup of tea, in other words.  However, I have no problem with the man’s being on the radio.  If people want to listen to him, fine; if others don’t, they certainly can tune him out.  If America is not a land of free speech, then it’s lost its soul. (This would not apply if someone such as Imus were advocating violence or creating social havoc with his or her words, but no one has accused Imus of that.)

Theories will abound about why, after years of foul-mouthing it, Imus finally got axed for his negative comments about the NCAA women’s basketball championship game, but sports radio host [tag]Colin Cowherd[/tag] probably summed it up best–the advertisers on his show started to bail, so CBS pulled the plug.

Cowherd, by the way, seems to be just about the sole voice in the media defending Imus’s right to say what he likes.  I tend to agree with Cowherd that this is a case of the PC police’s homogenizing the media.

Case in point:  If Imus were a liberal, and the target of his NCAA attack had instead been Republicans or George Bush, not one person in the media wouldn’t voiced a word of disapproval.

Chalk up a victory for the PC thought patrol.

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