Frugalista Means a Survivor in Our Time, Now Lawsuits Ensue Over Trademark


Frugalista is a term that came about in response to our currently challenged and challenging economy. In fact, it’s widely used by bloggers, but now comes word from TechDirt that one blogger has sought to trademark the word (long after its initial invention) and her lawyer is sending other bloggers who use Frugalista letters to cease and desist.

Okay, I’m waiting for my letter!

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  1. Hi! I am the Artist Formerly Known as Jackson Frugalista.

    I caved and changed the name — my “buy cool stuff cheap” blog is now I ma looking forward to posting info about garage sales in Pelahatchie, MS, without the threat of a lawsuit.

    THAT SAID — I am not willing to let the issue die. So I created a second new blog, “Really Dumb Trademarks.” Its address is

    I CAN’T believe I am the only person this has happened to — other people have had their online freedom of speech cut off because of some ridiculous trademark filing. I’d like us all to have a place to go and vent.

    I also want to post resources for site visitors who wish to fight the fight.

    Ideally, this new blog will catch the attention of some organization that works to protect individuals’ rights online. If I can get someone like that interested, I’d like to see all the people who offered ME money to help in a fight against Trademark Girl in Miami direct those funds to a larger effort to make trademarks work fairly for everyone.

    Those of you who have spoken out on the plain craziness of this trademark, I hope you’ll stay interested in the topic. Maybe we can continue to make some noise, get some things changed, and then I CAN CHANGE MY NAME BACK. And laugh maniacally towards the general direction of Miami.

    1. Good luck with your new site. There are some really dumb trademark (and patent) laws out there. Check out TechDirt (dot com); that guy will keep you up to date.

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