Eating Sushi in Shanghai, or Dim Sum in Tokyo

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Those of you who’ve been to Asian restaurants, especially the smallish or fast-food variety but even some major sushi bars, will be given wooden chopsticks that have to be broken apart to use since they’re one piece at the top. What happens when you break them apart and the results are uneven, one top bigger than the other?

According to Chinese legend, this foretells:

1) A death in the family
2) Someone just got pregnant
3) A rocky road in your love life
4) A change in jobs
5) Just some splinters

The answer is #3, a rocky road in your love life. When the break is uneven, it represents an uneven relationship, which we all know is unhealthy and headed for trouble. So, this reminds us all to keep a relationship equal at all costs, or just to be careful when separating our chopsticks.

What this has to do with English, I’m not sure, but I thought it was interesting.

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