I spend a lot of my time dealing with Internet issues.  For the past few years, all the buzz has been about the social networking sites like My Space and the social bookmarking sites like Digg, which are part of what’s called [tag]Web 2.0[/tag].  But have you ever read the stuff that’s being posted on these sites?

Misspellings, misuses, fragments, run-ons, jargon and slang–you name it. A lot of the stuff resembles what an illiterate Madison Avenue might produce.  In fact, that might be the exact result we’re seeing on these sites–an attempt to employ Madison Avenue marketing, promotion and advertising techniques for personal gain, but without any effort at literacy.

So this reality begs the question: Does literacy matter anymore?

Maybe it doesn’t matter in a pop culture sense, but in a survival-of-the-culture sense, literacy certainly does matter. It’s like those barbarians who overran the latter-day Roman Empire. They weren’t any less cultured than many of the Roman citizens they overran.

They just had more to gain. Ooh, scary thought.

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