Come On, Commish–Palaver?

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Actually, [tag]NBA Commissioner David Stern[/tag] is not only a capable sports executive but also a learned, literate individual.

On the [tag]Dan Patrick[/tag] show yesterday on ESPN radio, the Commish and host Patrick got into an exchange about the recent Phoenix-San Antonio player suspensions, during which Stern referred to the “palaver” on the airways about the incident.

Now when was the last time you heard that word?  I was actually quite impressed, so impressed that I looked the word up in the dictionary to see if he used it correctly.

Stern must’ve been referring to the third definition–“profuse and idle talk; chatter”–and not the first, “a conference or discussion,” which might’ve aptly characterized his time with Patrick had they turned down the heat.  (As it was, “war of words” might have been a better characterization of the exchange.)

Anyway, let’s hope this leads to more literate expressions in this vapid society of ours.  Here’s to hearring some interesting palaver daily. 

Thank you, David Stern, for reintroducing us to the joys and richness of the English language (but your suspensions were wrong and stupid!). 

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