Apostrophes Gone Wild

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If you want to set up your own blog, I certainly recommend using WordPress as the content management system on your own hosted domain.  However, there is a glitch in WordPress that I’m hoping I’ve detected the source of (never end a sentence with a preposition, right?).  To wit, because of something in PHP (the sourcing code) called Magic Quotes, apostrophes appear with slashes after them, such as “Dave\s,” or something like that, so this post is purely a test to see if turning off Magic Quotes cures this problem.  (Believe me, I spent a couple of hours doing Web searches trying to figure this out, so I’m praying for results here.)

Let’s try:  Dave’s, Judy’s, Mack’s.  How about single quotes:  “He said he was ‘completely unprepared’.”

We’ll all know in a minute, or maybe not because it may just be certain browsers where this occurs, in which case I’ll have to wait to hear from my reader in Taipei.

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