Abbreviations Gone Wild

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Joe Francis, Girls Gone Wild entrepreneur (now temporarily out of jail), is gloating that he has both nude and same-gender sex videos* of infamous escort  and Eliot Spitzer-slayer Ashley Alexandra Dupre.

Meanwhile, the Orange County, Calif., Board of Supervisors is itself going wild by renaming everything public OC this and OC that, such as John Wayne OC Airport (which infuriated Mr. Wayne’s children).

Now, the group has conjured up some more interesting OC namings for government agencies, such as OC Infrastructure.  What?

Okay, OC Infrastructure used to be The Resources and Development Management Department.

Wait, it gets more confusing.  OC Infrastructure is broken down into two agencies, OC Public Works and OC Community.

It gets better.  OC Infrastructure is composed of OC Planning, OC Road & Flood and OC Facilities.  OC Community consists of OC Public Libraries, OC Parks, OC Community Services and OC Animal Care.

You see?

*  Anyway, Ms. Dupre’s lawyer just this morning said the Girls Gone Wild segments featuring his client were filmed when she was 17.  The videos have been withdrawn from circulation.  Sorry, Joe.

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