Month: September 2009

Frugalista Means a Survivor in Our Time, Now Lawsuits Ensue Over Trademark


Frugalista is a term that came about in response to our currently challenged and challenging economy. In fact, it’s widely used by bloggers, but now comes word from TechDirt that one blogger has sought to trademark the word (long after its initial invention) and her lawyer is sending other bloggers who use Frugalista letters to cease and desist.

Okay, I’m waiting for my letter!

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New Twist on Lying Under Oath: ‘Truthful, But Inaccurate’

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Leave it to the government and its worshipping at the altar or George Orwell DoubleSpeak to come up with this one.

After Judge Joan Lefkow ordered a new trial for four convicted drug traffickers when she determined a government witness had lied, federal prosecutors have asked her to reconsider since the witness’s testimony was actually "truthful, but innacurate."

Try that the next time a judge accuses you of false testimony.

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Txt Spk Is Good for You (4U), TechDirt Claims

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Michael Masnick of has been blogging on and off about how the use of text speak (txt spk) on Twitter and other social media outlets is actually improving young Americans’ writing and use of English. He further maintains that, for the most part, the txt spk generation knows when to write Twitterlish and when to use more formal English, though he admits that his contemporaries blow it sometimes.

I’d like to believe the studies he’s posted, but I taught English at the university level for almost 12 years, and I found precious few who knew how to correctly construct sentences, paragraphs and essays–the majority of whom could’ve cared less that they were butchering English and making themselves un-understandable.

Anyway, I guess the debate will continue, but as Masnick points out, with the advent of the Internet (which he consistently misspells by not capitalizing) and the social media, at least young people have a reason to write.

Thank heavens for little favors, eh?

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