Verb Conjugator

When I’m vegetating, I like to watch baseball and food shows on TV, which brings up today’s topic.

When one conjugates English verbs, the three basic forms are present, simple past and past participle.  Thus when one conjugates swim, one gets swim, swam, swum.

Applying that same logical pattern to swing, as in "to swing at a pitch," I figured the conjugation should be swing, swang, swung.  However, I couldn’t find anyone who agreed with me, though I did only the most cursory of Internet searches.

I did uncover a 1950 Time article noting how [tag]Casey Stengel[/tag] used to say swing, swanged, swunged, bringing him closer to my interpretation than any modernist.

Most important, however, I found a site that will conjugate verbs for you in many languages.  Go to Verbix and conjugate away if you’re curious.

Give the site a swing and make sure you swang away with all your might.  In the end, you will have swung mightily.

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