l’Academie de l’Anglais?

The French resist every onslaught of a foreign word (sacre bleu! especially an American word or phrase) into their language through the French Academy, official arbiter of all French language usage.  However, they usually don’t succeed; the words creep in anyway: “Je voudrais une hamburger.”

I’m with the French but on the right side of the Atlantic, so let’s stop abuse and misuse of English!

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Rush to Judgment Confession

Oops, guess I blew it with my Wall Street Journal woe story.  As it turns out, even as the size of the paper has shrunk, the content has been expanded in accordance with a couple of years of planning.  Welcome to “Journal 3.0” (one step ahead of Web 2.0, I guess), editors and others announced in the paper as I finally got a chance to read it late last night.

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Writing Is on the Wall (Street)

The venerable Wall Street Journal, which has struck to the traditional broadsheet long past most other newspapers in the country, today appeared on my doorstep a bit midgetized.  Instead of six columns, the front page sported just five with a narrower width to match.  What’s going on?  I didn’t see any announcement of the rationale.

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