This English Is a Hard Language

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Or is it just old age setting in?

I’m a native speaker and generally a good speller, having gotten my K-12 education before the liberal reforms of the 1960s ruined everything in public education.

But just today I’ve already had to look up two words to make sure my memory was correct.  The first was pastime.  I couldn’t convince myself that it wasn’t pasttimePast-time I knew would have to be some kind of adjective, so I threw that out.  The second was acquiescence.  I just couldn’t remember if there were a c after the s, which I confirmed there is by going to

The point here is that I can, as i age, see more clearly why people have a hard time with this language of ours.  Fortunately, we now have resources at our (keyboard) fingertips to help us out.  Maybe some memory-enhancing pills would help as well.

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