The Sounds of Silence

The Republicans held a presidential debate last night (May 4, 2007) at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi, Calif., and most noticeable was the absence of any mention of the current president, [tag]George W. Bush[/tag].

What was mentioned?

Lots, but most of it for political headlines only. 

As the political season heats up, it’s always fun to watch how candidates say–and don’t say–certain things.  Usually they don’t say anything, of course, which is the whole point, and that is why we have a whole industry of [tag]political pundits[/tag] to interpret things for us.

Whenever I find something interesting to report during the electoral cycle, I will, and here goes:  When [tag]Senator John McCain[/tag] last night spoke of capturing and bringing [tag]Osama bin Laden[/tag] to justice, he vowed that “I will follow him to the gates of hell.”

Now, did he really mean that?  He’s going to die and join Osama in hell?  I don’t think so, yet that’s what he literally said.

Of course, this was meant as a sound bite, and it worked, earning a spot on various newscasts for the Arizona Republican.  Still, it literally is nonsense unless McCain has lost his senses.

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