Graphic Narrative at Miramar Air Show Not Fit for Liberal Ears or for Fading Violets

I’m not sure who the announcer was yesterday during the simulated Marine attack (replete with explosives) during the annual Miramar Air Show, but he was definitely in combat mode. He talked of how Marines "drink their enemy’s blood" after eliminating them and how they use air power to "rain hell from above."

Those are just two of the phrases that I remember, but he was definitely not faint about the use of American military power–or in his descriptions of a simulated air-land assault.

FYI: The Miramar Air Show is held each year at the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) in Miramar, Calif. just outside San Diego. It features spectacular aerial demonstrations, including the Navy Blue Eagles, the Canadian Snowbirds, the Army Golden Eagles (parachutists), the F-16 Falcon soaring into the heavens and also a couple of hundred feet off the ground, Fat Albert (you have to look this one up), the vertical take-off and hover-capable Harrier, and much more.

One last thing: Though the Marine announcer was graphic and martial in his descriptions, he had a sense of humor. After speaking of drinking the enemy’s blood, for instance, he would add, "For further information, visit"