Good Enough for Government Work

An entry arch at the Los Angeles Coliseum with don't misspelledI attended the Los Angeles Dodgers-Boston Red Sox "historic" game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum last night, which you can read more about on my blog Le Food News, and the most memorable part of the evening was the ridiculous prices being charged for mediocre food and drink. Worse, people were actually paying the prices!

One walk around the place, and you can tell the Coliseum is run by a government entity.  I couldn’t resist taking this photo to prove what I’m talking about.

Surely, any enterprising private owner out to actually make money and provide a pleasant experience for his or her patrons would at least try to use proper English (and maybe Spanish and Mandarin translations as well), but here we have above every Coliseum entryway the admonition "Don’t Crowd"–except they uniformly forgot the hypen.