I wanted to assign so to the NotWord category, but a quick flip through dictionary.com turned up a preliminary okay for its usage.

I got going on this when I heard [tag]Rachael Ray[/tag], on one of her $40-a-day trips (yeah, what about the hundreds she spends on the hotel room, transportation, shopping sprees and so on?), say, “I was so hungry.”

Generally, to complete a so statement like this, one would have to say “so hungry that I could eat a horse,” or some such.  However, dictionary.com gave its blessing to Raechel’s utterance, so long as it was oral and not written.  Oral usage has more lattitude.  If you use so in this way in writing, you still must include the completing that clause, the online dictionary warns.

Now, I know a lot of you are thinking, “That’s like so yesterday.”  Sorry, I am so particular when it comes to grammar that….

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