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Following yesterday’s post about phrases, I guess I should’ve looked up "calling a spade a spade" before using it, but I think it conveys what I want.

The subject is the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai and the PC foxtrot that most of the media used to report about it.  Fearful of linking the murderous rampage to Muslims or Islam, many media labeled the terrorists by various euphemisms, for instance, "gunmen," "militants," "practitioners" and then this–"teenage gunmen," as used in this sentence from the newspaper The Australian: "An Adelaide woman in India for her wedding is lucky to be alive after teenage gunmen ran amok."

I think they did a bit more than running amok.  They obviously set out on a preplanned and premeditated terrorist assault to try to bring the financial capital of India to a halt, just as al Qaeda operatives did in 2001 to New York.

The Associated Press even felt sorry that Muslims "found themselves on the defensive once again about bloodshed being linked to their religion."

What next, tea with Obama at Camp David where he’ll apologize of all of us mean-spirited and prejudiced Americans, him excluded, of course?

I owe this all to Mark Steyn and his syndicated column, which you can read here.

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