Needs to Hire Copyeditors and Proofreaders

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As much as I enjoy watching CNBC cable, especially Jim Cramer and Larry Kudlow (to say nothing of Melissa Lee!), whenever I go to the CNBC Web site, I’m appalled by the twisted grammar and misspellings. I even posted a comment once about, "What’d you do, fire all the copyeditors and proofreaders–or never hire any?"

The latest example: CNBC Anchor and Reporter David Faber, in writing about Dow Chemical’s proposed acquistion of Rohm & Hass, wrote that Dow was urged to sell common stock "to give it the financial where withdrawal to complete" the deal.

Somehow, I think he mean wherewithal.

I’m be more than happy to relocate to New York and do some copyediting for you people. Just send me an e-mail proposal.

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