Obamacrats Eye Bailout of Print Media

France, the model upon which Obama is reshaping America into mediocracy and public obeisance to government, has already decided that its print media are ailing and needing of a bailout, so the government is injecting millions of Euros into the industry’s advertising pages. Poor print media. Hit on one flank by the cyber-reality of free competition and the […]

Stupid as the Driving Force of Our Lives and Culture

I stumbled upon a blog called zippitydodah and further titled/subtitled "Reflections in a Petri Dish: As the Landfill Burbles with the Toxic Wastes of a Disintegrating Culture, I’ll Be the Voiceover" that proved both interesting and perceptive–and refreshingly written. No byline accompanied the article, but it was written in the first person. The commentators seemed […]