Final Nail in Journalism’s Coffin

If the blogosphere and gritty online "citizen journalists" hadn't already exposed the dearth and death of mainstream journalism (and its crass manipulation of reality), then last night's ESPN special called, if I recall correctly, "The Decision," certainly put the final nail in the coffin. I'm referring, of course, to that overblown, downright insulting one-hour TV […]

Ten Reasons Why Lists Suck

Actually, I don't have ten, but it's a nice number to project authority on a subject matter, which is why using lists and touting them in a blog post's title helps make the thing go viral. I guess people cannot digest paragraphs, or good ol' expository writing or–heaven help us!–essays anymore. They need lists, so […]

Mark McGwire and Super Acetaminophen

I guess it’s best to start with the positive (no plural). At least disgraced baseball slugger Mark McGwire had the courage to own up to his steroid abuse–partially anyway. In admitting yesterday that he had used steroids (whose names he conveniently couldn’t remember), McGwire fell back on what has now become the number-one cop-out defense […]

What Will They Ask for Next?

College and universities have long required applicants to write essays to evaluate their ability to reason and use the English language effectively. However, what on earth would answers to any of these questions ever reveal on the reasoning side: How do you feel about Wednesday? (University of Chicago, 2002) Are we alone? (Tufts, 2009) Make […]