Find the Errors

I saw an ad in today’s Wall Street Journal for a CD/DVD (one or the other) course called “English Grammar Boot Camp,” so I ventured to the website of to check it out since it was on sale. On the web page for that course, here’s what I found — a teaser to find […]

Really: ‘40 Gigs of Limitless Data’?

Let’s see now: The last time I checked, limitless meant something like without a limit. So how can a cellular phone plan offer 40 gigabytes of data downloads, and then call those downloads limitless? Chalk up this misleading/false advertising piece to Verizon, which is now selling four lines with “40 Gigs of Limitless Data” for […]

French Forte v. Italian Forte

A job interview: “Tell me what your forte [pronounced for-tay] is.” “You mean my forte [pronounced fort]?” “No, this is not cowboys and Indians. I need to know your forte [fortay] for this position.” Interview over, applicant walks out disgusted at the misuse of forte. I confess, I have to thank TV newscaster Leyna Nguyen […]