You Can Have Your Covfefe and Eat It Too

Or can you? A mysterious tweet by Donald Trump — “Despite the negative press covfefe” — went viral for about five-and-a-half hours earlier today, leading to all kinds of humor and speculation on the social media. I sometimes end up making mysterious words and sentences when I put my cell phone in my pocket while […]

How Weird, or Wyrd, Your Fate

As I watched one of my favorite TV shows the other night — “Imposters” — one of the characters mentioned that the word weird originally meant destiny. I thought that was a bit weird and worth researching, and guess what? That was the exact meaning of the Old English word wyrd — fate or destiny. […]

‘Penultimate’ versus ‘Ultimate’

Here’s where people can show some real stupidity, but let me give some background first. I was just watching the World Baseball Classic on TV when an announcer, discussing the anniversary of outfielder Roberto Clemente’s elevation to the Hall of Fame in 1973, referred to him as “the penultimate Puerto Rican baseball player.” I’m sure he […]

The Oxford Comma

Let it be known that in modern American English usage, the so-called Oxford Comma (the last in a string and usually before the words and or or) is completely optional. You don’t need it. That being noted, here’s a court in Maine that ruled against a company for its not using the Oxford Comma. Absence […]

Is It Possible to Be ‘Combobulated’?

A mitigated disaster doesn’t exist evidently, though unmitigated ones do, according to talk show hosts and other nonsense deliverers. So if you can be discombobulated, can you be also be combobulated? I bring this up because today, as I was driving to buy dog food, I felt discombobulated due to a terrifying, mystical incident I experienced on Friday […]