Daily Grammar: Tune-Up for English Usage

I found this site yesterday that mails out grammar lessons Monday through Friday and then a quiz on the topics covered on Saturday.  This is a nice way to tune up your [tag]English grammar understanding[/tag] and usage.  The lessons come via e-mail, and I received my first one today, which covered the very simplest basics of pronouns. If […]

Notwords Addition: To Google

You hear a lot of people say, “I googled it,” when referring to the process of finding something via Web search on [tag]Google[/tag].  This certainly works in the vernacular, but come on, google as a verb in a Notword of the first magnitude.  (That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised to find it in the […]

New Feature Added

English Resources is a new feature that you can access through the navigation bar on the left.  There you’ll find articles on [tag]English writing, grammar, essay composition[/tag] and the like as I write, find and accumulate them.  Enjoy and check back frequently.

Grammar Questions Will Be Answered

I’ve added a new page where you can submit [tag]English grammar questions[/tag] to be answered. Just go to the Ask Grammar Questions page on the top navbar, or simply click on the title here. General turnaround time should be 24 hours or less, but I am a human being who has a life outside of Notwords and […]

Live Chat Option Added

It might be hard to see, but in my right-hand sidebar I’ve added a [tag]live chat[/tag] function.  So if you get here and want to find if anyone else is available, just open it up and see what happens. Topics, which I can’t regulate obviously, should concern English in some way, and the tone should […]