‘Even If You’re Right, You’re Wrong’

The above sentence was voiced by a female coworker today who was trying to convince a male row-mate how his wife could get mad at him over something that seemed so true and transparent to him.

I immediately chimed in with my agreement, remembering all the times in the past when my wife would get on my case despite my noblest of intentions and wisest of actions, or so I deemed that at the time.

I even ventured a step further and opined, perhaps sexist-ly, that “Men are born wrong.”

Anyway, I just wanted to throw this out there to solicit comments and reactions, and, I guess, to see if anyone really reads this blog.

5 thoughts on “‘Even If You’re Right, You’re Wrong’

  1. Just to prove that someone does read your blog! I also feel the same way about my blog – just thousands of spam messages per year and very little genuine feedback. I’d be interested in what your thoughts are (about content and grammar) for my blog and if you could leave a comment it would prove that the new spam blocker lets real comments through! Many thanks, Dominic

  2. Brian Sweeney says:

    When I find myself in this situation I have to ask myself, “Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?”.

  3. Bob Skilnik says:

    Just found your website. I now read your website.

  4. lisagd says:

    An old joke: If a man does something in the forest and no woman is there to see it, is he still wrong?

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