‘Violence Flaring, Bullets Loading’ — The Militarization of Our Cities

You’re probably not old enough to remember first-hand Barry McGuire’s song “Eve of Destruction,” in which he laments, “Violence flaring, bullets loading. You’re old enough to kill but not for voting.” (Actually, I’m pretty sure all those gerunds got┬átheir ending g‘s removed during the song, but I left the g‘s on because they made the […]

If We Have ‘Continuously,’ Do We Need ‘Continually’?

Okay, I get it. If something happens continuously, then it never ceases. There’s no interruption. “The Mississippi River flows continuously.” So how does continually distinguish itself from continuously to justify its existence? My first thought was, “Okay, it happens repeatedly but not ceaselessly, like a dog barking each and every night.” Partially right, except dictionary.com […]