History of ‘Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny’

I’ve probably read or heard the phrase “can neither confirm nor deny” umpteen zillion times when someone in government is being asked about a certain painfully obvious secret operation or unwanted development. The phrase has now been dubbed “a non-denial denial,” an artful dodge when one is caught with one’s pants down. “I can neither […]

Greatest Cinematic Death Soliloquy Ever?

I‘ve been watching the new BBC series “The History of Science Fiction” and have come away impressed, after three episodes, with how much heart, soul and literary achievement can be found in scifi flicks. I think just about everyone the producers interviewed about Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner” (a film about a future filled both with […]

Makes Sense: V. Stiviano for President

Now the Donald Sterling bringer-downer has revealed her true intentions: She wants to be president, and with the current media furor over her and her buddy Donald, she may have just enough Q rating to eclipse Hillary and Jeb. Her politics? Who cares? She’s a celeb! Anyway, enough of that, today’s New York Times contains […]